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A bit of this and that

Over the last week or so I’ve done a few little things, a pair of felted slippers for a gift, a new knitting bag and a little bag that attaches to my spinning wheel for all the little tools that came with it.

First is the slippers made using this pattern and the yarn I recently spun. They aren’t too thick and felted REALLY quickly, it’s the first time I’ve felted in our new washing machine (the old one died just before the girls were born). The pattern has a couple mistakes around the heel, it tells you to work half as many rows as you need for the heel flap and the heel shaping is wring!

A new knitting bag, I love this fabric, I picked up the last of the roll at a very good price in a little country patchwork shop just after the girls were born. I also made the bag for my spinning wheel toys out of the same fabric and still have enough left to make another bag or two. The new bag is based on an old bag Dan got at a conference several years ago, it’s ugly, but the perfect size for a knitting book/magazine and my project of choice.


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Leaving me in a spin.

I haven’t spun for ages, over a year in fact! Several reason, obviously having twins put a spanner in the craft works as did being pregnant with said twins, I just couldn’t sit down long enough to get any sense of rhythm up. On top of that my wheel was playing up, the last thing I felt like was the hour long drive to the shop I purchased it from when I was pregnant and could barely manage 20 minutes in the car without needing a leg stretch, followed by having 2 tiny babies to care for and a major case of sleep deprivation. So when I found myself a) with car AND b) said shop open again after the Christmas/New Year thing AND c) awake enough to drive for that long without a passenger (no room for one once the wheel is strapped in) I jumped and took my wheel in…turned out she just needed a couple screws tightened, oops…at least I know what to do next time she makes that click, click, click noise. I got her home, itching to have a play so dug through the beautiful dyed fibre (some 700g plus 1 kg of natural coloured stuff as well)I had been ‘collecting’ over the last 12 months and pulled out some merino that my sister in law gave me a while back. It was so nice to be back to it, so with a 120g dent in the fibre stash I’m wondering what might come home with me next time I go looking.

I still adore my wheel, I don’t know if my spinning improved after I bought her or if she just makes me look like I have improved, but since having her my plied yarns are so much better balanced than they ever were on my old rickety, neglected Ashford traditional that I sold when my Majacraft came home. I used to have to do a bit of work to set the twist when I spun on the Ashford otherwise my yarns always tried to curl back on themselves, whereas with the majacraft my yarns are *almost* perfectly balanced and simply get washed to deal with any extra dye and improve the way they feel.

Oh and here’s the latest edition of ‘Evelyn helping’ as well as Louise with cereal all over her face…oh dear, now the fun really starts!

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